Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Welcome to the 8,030,249th photography blog

A Google search of the term "photography blog" yields 8 million hits.  With so many photography blogs out there, it's fair to ask, "why would I choose to start another?"  First, I've learned a great deal about photography from the web, and I think it's time to "pay it forward."  I hope that this blog will provide the kind of information that technically-minded, amateur photographers will find useful and interesting.  Of course, my motives for starting this blog aren't entirely altruistic.  It gives me an opportunity to showcase my work, which is a reward in itself.  And I've found that the very best way to learn a subject is to try to clearly explain it to others.  So I hope that the process of creating this blog will help me to improve my own photography.

Who is this blog for?

My target audience for this blog is the technically-minded, amateur photographer.  By "technically-minded" I mean someone who is something of a geek, like me -- someone who enjoys learning about the "why" of photography, not just the "how". To that end, this blog will focus on leveraging knowledge of the physics of light and optics to produce compelling images.  I will not be shy about discussing math if it's relevant to the topic at hand.

This blog will also be geared toward amateur photographers -- folks who enjoy photography but do not depend on it to put food on the table.  Professional photographers have specific needs that I -- an amateur myself -- cannot cater to.  Pros need to maximize return on their investment in both time and equipment.  in contrast, amateurs presumably enjoy the process of making pictures, so they may be willing to put in quite a bit of time, but they also typically have limited equipment budgets.  You won't find reviews of the latest, greatest camera gear on this blog.  You will find advice on combining (relatively) inexpensive equipment with a little knowledge to turn your ideas into images.

"It's about the journey, not the destination."

Some people are results-oriented.  I'm not. When it comes to photography, I'm process oriented.  I enjoy learning and experimenting with new photography techniques and approaches and understanding how they work.  If this experimentation results in beautiful images, that's icing on the cake. My approach to photography is not for everyone.  I've been accused of "over-thinking" my photography, and more than one person has recommended that I just "get out and shoot."  If you're the kind of person who flips your DSLR into "P" mode, shoots what inspires you, and produces images you're happy with, then you may find this blog frustrating.  But if you're someone who enjoys gaining knowledge for its own sake and who finds satisfaction in applying knowledge to creative ends, then I hope you'll find this blog fun and interesting.  I hope it'll teach you things you didn't already know and motivate you to try something new with your photography. 

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